Our commitments

This commitment to the environment is a daily challenge, anchored in a commitment to the quality of our wines…

Sustainable agriculture!

We attach great importance to the cultivation methods of our vineyard. Domaine de la Grange has been practicing sustainable agriculture for more than 15 years, and 2023 marked the end of the conversion cycle to organic agriculture. Therefore, the 2024 vintage will be certified organic by ECOCERT.

For the maintenance of our plots, we alternate between grass cover and ploughing to improve the structure and biology of the soil.
Plant health is ensured by low doses of phytosanitary treatments and bio-stimulation using plant decoctions, aimed at controlling diseases so as to preserve the quality of the grapes.

As the vineyard is a complete ecosystem, we are committed to preserving and promoting the presence of beneficial insects. This includes maintaining grassy areas each year to provide a habitat for predator insects that control pests. Additionally, we’ve installed bat shelters in nearby groves, as bats play a vital role in controlling grapevine moths and codling moths, which are detrimental to the vines.

*Phytosanitary products comply with the specifications of organic viticulture (Bordeaux mixture, biocontrol products).

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to work in harmony with nature, using it to find natural solutions to the challenges we face
. For many years, we have been dedicated to restoring a genuine ecological balance, which we believe is the only guarantee for the sustainability of our terroirs.